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Default g10 swap


I'm going to be doing a g10 swap on my 1975 lhd Innocenti mini, It was exported out of Germany to the states, I think its a export 1001 model but I'm not 100% on it, but the car has been in the family here in the states for 12-13 years now, spent most of that time in San Diego California, but I had it with me in Tucson for close to a year where I did a few upgrades on the car

the mods so far are

minitastic fast road springs in the rear, and race springs in the front
on-car adjustable lower control arms
hi-lo's and gaz drop shocks
h4 headlights
stage 1 exhaust work/intake manifold
alloy radiator

nothing to major, just standard upgrades that gets done to mini's

got the car and the body kit was already on it

last summer I drove the car back to San Diego for the mini west car show
and it popped a head gasket, so I left it at my parents house
because I live 450 miles away
and trying to rush a head gasket and hit the road back to Tucson would be no fun,

so I ordered up the head gasket and my brother and dad installed it
so they have been driving it for the last few months

fun little car but it needs more power, it has a 998/manual gearbox

the plan is to have my dad tow the mini and donor cars back to Tucson so that I can do a geo metro g10 swap

some family friends that my dad grew up with gave my dad two g10 powered cars, we just have to go pick them up

one is a late 80's chevy sprint, 3 door with red paint is all I know on that one for now
the other is a geo metro, I was told its a 3 cylinder but don't know anymore then that

I have three extra mini subframes with me here in Tucson
and a mandrel tube bender

here's a picture of the mini that's going to get hacked up soon

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Use '80 and fit bike carbs as it will be vacuum and machincal advance dizzy.
If you get bore with65Bhp, you can add turbo to it. OEM ECU and cylinder head in North America will be easier to fit.

I think they can mod to 150bhp without much mod.

Good luck
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CC: 1.6
Make: Honda
ECU: Bone stock

waiting on some parts in the post

trying to make the car runs before I take them apart to star the swap

it will be less bugs to work out when I'm trying to start the engine again
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If you are on FB and need a bit of advice on the G10 conversion give John McGee a shout as he has done them before and he is over in the states and may be able to help
After that,if I was going anywhere,I was running.
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G10 Conversion Pictures Here

Here is a few pictures from way back when... G10 made a lot of sense at the time, but focusing on doing kits for the D16 Sohc now.
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CC: 1.6
Make: Honda
ECU: Bone stock

meetthespeakers, I have looked at your G10 pictures like what seems like a million times now on just about every web site you have posted them on, plus I follow you on facebook

the mini swap has been put on hold for a few weeks

I took on another project
doing a motor swap on a 1971 ford f250 truck, big block ford motor swap
and I have to clean the front of the frame of all the oil that has leaked on the frame overtime
and I also have to repaint the firewall of the truck

this project will bring in much needed funds for the mini project
so far I have 3 hours into the project and the motor/trans is ready to come out
this upcoming weekend it will be out

the owner wants to pick up the motor this weekend so he can order the new one and not get a core charge for it

I found another pair of cerwin vega's for the garage stereo

$30 USD for the pair with blown woofers and crossovers
I got pair of crossovers on sale for $35
and used 12 inch woofers for $30 for the pair

they are Cerwin Vega V-12b's from 1994

and I also picked up a pair of CV 189je earthquake 18 inch woofers for $100usd but I need to make folden horn boxes for those
and a pair of JBL 18's In scoop style boxes for $100 USD

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brutel sounds,
all looking good ther,, nice you have the mini hook still!!
think the g10 will make a nice smooth runaround and look forward to see more if the mini,
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
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