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Default High reving NA engine options?

I am looking at fitting a more powerful engine in a 1988 Mini 1000cc. I really like high reving NA engines and would really like somewhere around 200hp. I was originally thinking of a C20XE engine but have concerns over it not looking standard at the front due to the size of the engine and also concerns over weight. That could be helped with the Millington/QED block but seems pretty extreme.
I am also looking at the C16XE/X16XE engines, as well as the Z16XE. I don't know the differences between them. I would be assuming that any engine would get a rebuild with new rods/pistons, ported head, long duration camshafts, ITBs and would run an aftermarket ECU. I currently run OMEX and SYVECS on other cars. I'm not afraid of electrical work.
So, what are the best options for 8k+ rpm and around 200hp? I'm not a fan of VTEC so would rather run a Vauxhall engine if I can. Ideally the engine would fit in the standard round front.

Any experience/advise appreciated.

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