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Default photobucket food for thought

Im sitting chilling for the evening, youtube on, watching old machining and electronics videos, enjoying the information thats so readily avaliable.

made me think about the photobucket saga thats currently unravveling and destroying years of information in car forums across the world....

what if youtube pull a similar stunt.

one day they will be gone
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That's a good question, most of these hosting sites were created before it became big money business and i doubt they ever expected to get this big. Like most things these days they were created with good intentions of providing a useful free service (advertising was simply used to cover running costs) and as always greed takes over and money drives it all. I think youtube will be safe for a while as it's owned by google and as far as i can tell they aren't too strapped for cash. What does concern me is the vast amounts of money poured into the advertising industry, every website, photo, video, blog, tv channel (of which there are hundreds) you view has advertising and the majority of which are solely funded by it. There must be billions pumped into it and what happens when it becomes so diluted with advertising that it is no longer effective and companies wake up to the huge amounts of money they are loosing to this parasitic industry that actually creates nothing and adds no value to anything? I predict a similar situation to the market crash in 2008. get ready to start paying for stuff!
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I read about this recently and what you say is true. YouTube costs more to host than revenue gained. I think Google own it. To be able to provide millions of on demand videos 24 /7 worldwide costs loads. Its a lost leader, like the Bugatti Veyron. Costs more to build than the sale price, well when it was 1st developed.
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as said guys,, makes you wander,
im screwed coz i dont even know how my stuff on p,bucket got there in the 1st place,
its all to good to be true,, "no such thing as a free lunch" is old saying but they new back then,,
must say youtube is real amaizing with the stuff you can find,,
but its slipping slowly into the water,,
i have seen it!! i used to be able to play full albums of my favorat old bands but know adverts pop up beetween tracks at a much higher sound level and it reuwins it,,
many old films have been taken over by some yank firm saying you can pay 6 bucks to watch it,,
39 steps,,hobsans chioce,, hell drivers,,witch finder genarall,, straw dogs,,
to name a few are now gone from a free system,,
well should have known,, the pathe news is a grate old favorate but that is still active,,
with the damge caused by photobucket i wouldent be suprised if thers a ofcom type body that will intervean and dish out the big stick to them,
i know the big print giveth and the small print taketh away but this is not acseptable in any way, what so ever,
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
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