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Default Un-tubbing rear arches

Beyond the "why would you want to do that ?" has anyone ever un-tubbed rear arches ?

I can't really see another way of doing so without basically changing the whole rear wheel arch panel and the rear quarter panel which looks like serious surgery (read expensive). It needs to be well done as the car would be running without arches (just a chrome strip over the seam).

Could a skilled welder be able to cut just the required sections out of a scrap shell and graft them in or would that end up more costly than just replacing the panels ?
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sometimes it's easier to replace the whole panel rather than welding across the middle of a panel without it distorting and needing loads of filler. It's not too difficult to weld on new rear quarter panels and just the top section of the wheel tub.
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Originally Posted by Oz View Post
Beyond the "why would you want to do that ?"
well thats a new entry for the (SEARCH BOX)
I think if the rear panels need replaceing any way thats the way to go,
just one thing springs to mind> "IRONIC" is that ther must be 100,s of the bits needed going into scrap bins all over the world
i meen yes the rear panel isnt hard to replace as such but the other messy part to deal with is far worse!! and them panels will cost a chunk x2(i meen the side pannels
hell can you ask something easy??
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
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