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Default Bits for sale!

I had a b18c4 mini project that I was doing but due to a change of circumstances which involve moving to new zealand and losing storage ect I need it all gone asap!!!

B18c4 engine with everything you need for conversion. Engine has had the top end rebuilt and is ready to put into a car, it's on just less than 80k miles. Includes:
Skunk 2 inlet manifold
AEM fuel rail
Drive shafts and cups
LSD gearbox
Engine loom
Unblocked ecu
Gear linkage
Polybushed engine mounts (from an Aerodeck)
Offers around 900 (the skunk 2 inlet and AEM fuel rail are worth 350, and the engines normally go for no less than 800!!)

Set of deep 4 dish alloys for mini, they need lip polishing up but are mint condition, painted around 6 months ago and been stored since, the pictures do then no justice at all... if they are in sunlight they look stunning.
Offers of 250, can't go a lot less than that but try me

Open classic mini, I started prepping this car hence the bits already cut off, it needs panels as any mini would but the Wabasto roof works (needs retrimming). Everything you see is what you get!
Offers of 450 or there abouts

Offer me on the Bits, I'm not breaking anything as I need it gone as soon as possible due to lack of space and it being Christmas!

Please feel free to message (or whatsapp) me on 07972163409 and refrence this post if you have any questions, I'm based near Manchester, England and not really willing to ship abroad. Collection preferred.

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Absolute bargain for that engine. Gutted I can’t have it off you
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