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Mini Vlatko
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Default G13B angle?

Ok guys,
I'm rebuilding and upgrading friends Mini with G13b in it and one of upgrades are Suzuki Throttle bodies.
I would like to order a kit from Danst Engineering.
There is a kit with TBs on a custom intake ready to be mounted on the engine.
My question is!
What angle do I have to look for in the intake to clear the bulkhead?
I think it's offered in 20 degrees but I can ask for a different angle if needed...
The engine will be sitting in Allspeed frame.
This info would save me one time subframe and engine mounting on the car
The truth is under a bonnet! :)
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Nice little find! Any reason for GSXR600 throttle bodies over gsxr1000 which most people with g13bs seem to go for?

Can't answer your question, but maybe you can knock up a CAD (binky style) envelope of the volume available from cylinder head inlets to bulkhead then draw that up as a proper CAD model, andsee what fits inside that?

Just an idea...
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I’m not sure what angle the manifold has to be, but the engine itself does
Lean forward at a 20 degree angle. That clearance also on depends on how high or
How low the engine is mounted in the frame.

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