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mm man
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Default Pedal box ???

I know this has been asked before but thanks to photo bucket can't find any photos to see how people have got around the clearance issues with the inlet manifold/ bulkhead .
I am using the Suzuki steering column which I have just fitted now looking at the best option for pedal box with a cable clutch ?
All help appreciated especially pictures.
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Easiest way is to retain the hydraulic set-up. Just fit the Mini slave to a baseplate on top of the gearbox. Concerning the bulkhead, I just a piece out a piece and welded in a 4 mm thick L-piece in.


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By shortening the inlet manifold by 28mm you can clear the standard Mini master cylinders and use a Mini master slave cylinder to operate a Mini slave cylinder on the gearbox.A lot of bracing needs to be done to prevent flexing when you have a pedal box.I did it both ways,pedal box and shortening the inlet to keep the Mini master cylinders and shortening the inlet is by far the easiest.
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If you want to keep the cable clutch it's very easy too. Use the swift cable and get the bit it originally mounts onto the Suzuki bulkhead. You just weld that bit into the mini bulkhead and then slot the brake peddle clevis pin hole to slot the end of the cable in.

So just use the mini peddle assembly - simples

I've been running for over 10 years with this set-up and it works a treat. The cable routes at 90 degrees directly out of the bulkhead, so it does not hit anything.
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mm man
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Cheers Guys thanks for your replies nice to know both options I’ve not been on the car for a few months now due to changing workshops . I was playing around with a floor mounted Peugeot set up last time with a built in transfer bar for a brake servo mounted on the NS . But when I get back on it I will check out both options .
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