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Default Hot water temps & low brain function ..

Going out in the mini tomorrow, or was at least. Car not run since September last year except for yesterday just to make sure it started.

Just went for a run to fill up with petrol, 10 mile round trip.
By the time I got back the temperature gauge was fast approaching the red, and my auxillary gauge was showing 215 ish.
Basically the gauges were not in their usual places, especially after such a short run.

Under the bonnet it was hot. Top and bottom rad hose hot. Both heater hoses hot. Unscrewed the heater hose bleed and water came out. Unscrewed the expansion tank tap and a little pressure was released but nothing explosive. Stuck my finger in to check the level, and it was where it was when I checked it yesterday … but it was almost cold. Now I can't say I've ever had the need to stick my finger in the tank after a run before, so should the water in the tank be cold?

Apart from HGF (not a bad run if it is I guess for a 92 engine) other things to check first??
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Thermostat ?
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If the water in the header tank is cold and and your coolant pipes are hot then there’s either an air lock, knackered thermostat or your pump ain’t circulating!
I would hazard a guess at either of the first 2, I know you said you opened up the bleed screw and coolant cane out but please don’t disregard the fact there may still be an air lock.
To test the stat your going to have to remove it, so you may as well do that, replace if necessary/regardless given they’re cheap and could fit a different temperature one too and drill a small hole in to prevent an air lock behind the stat(they live to do that), then top up the coolant and give a good bleeding.

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