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Cliff Pountney
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Default PG1 inner CV joint heat issues?


Do any of you guys running Rover K series engines have experience of problems with the RHS inner CV joint boot. It's directly above the exhaust. With the standard Rover system it has no heat shielding but the 4-2-1 manifold I have made brings the exhaust much closer to the CV boot. The pipes are wrapped and the distance from the CV boot to the wrap is a shade over 8mm.

I'm guess some people on here must be in a similar position with either a 4-2-1 or a big bore single pipe from a turbo.

I think I will add a small fan and some ducting to cool the boot and the shift linkages. What other fixes are possible? Is there an off the shelf equal length driveshaft set up for a Rover K series with a PG1 box? Or is it necessary to modify one from another PG1 installation?

Just to give you some context this is all set in the back of a popular Rootes group car and not Mini. Think MGF in Hillman Imp and that's about it.

Your experiences and knowledge would be great.


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the boot should be fine like that, my exhaust used to run as close as that and did cause a problem with the boot failing but after wrapping it i never had another fail.
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I have not had any issues when in VVC form then Turbo form with a 3" downpipe, Both heat wrapped past that point I will say.

Not aware of a direct fit equal length shaft. I do have the 2 piece driveshaft from a MG ZT that bolts to the block fine, but not at a suitable angle for the PG1 gearbox. Still trying to work out my plan for that
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