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Cool Micra Turbo or Vtec? 🤔

Right just starting this thread to see what peoples thoughts were. Hopefully im going to be starting a 16v conversion and these are the two conversions im looking at. Ill start off with pros and cons to each one for me.

Honda pros:
Engines are pretty much renound for being reliable.
With a B16/18 id have an easy 160-180hp without the engine being heavily modified.

Honda cons:
Have to cut a lot of metal out to make it possible in a standard round nose(big downside for me)
Seems to be a fairly common conversion.
To get a donor car or the like its a lot more than a micra lump, i could pick a 1.3 micra up for under 500.

Micra pros:
Dont have to cut that much metal away at all, alternator placement is only real issue,(might be bit harder with turbo lump.
Micra turbos arent as common which is appealing, also a turbo mini is also a nice thing to have
A better fit into a standard roundnose.
Might also be cheaper.

Micra cons:
Id be running 130hp plus and at nearly double the hp of standard lump it will be pretty highly strung.
Not as much power as a honda.

These are all i can think of at the moment, just wondering what people though and if there is any more pros or cons i haven't thought of.

Also worth noting ill be doing as much fab work on my own where possible, welding mainly.
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