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Default brake hose kit - braided

Does anyone know of anywhere that makes up an entire kit for the mini brake pipes including all the unions etc... But rather than the usual copper ones that you have to bend yourself all made out of abraidable with the end fittings on?

I'm sure someone must have done this before?

If you don't know of anyone doing a kit, does anyone know all the lengths and end fitting size and types I'd need to put an order in to get them al made up from somewhere?

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You could have a look here; https://www.venhill.co.uk/line/build/
Or I got all mine from here; http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Torques-U-K?_rdc=1
I will say though it can work out expensive when making up your own lines if you choose the wrong type of fitting, plus making your own lines up can be a bit of a mine field when it comes to mot as the VOSA site states that you can't use any fitting's that are compression fittings like the ones I've used from Torques, as they recon that the fitting could come apart! So all I've done is put 1" lengths of heat shrink over the fittings then after pressure testing the system I shrunk them over the fittings so they can't be seen to be screw type ones. Mine passed it's mot in Feb with no problems
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I use a company near me called Brakes international they have made quite a few braided hoses for me on my different project cars. They made all my braided brake lines for my mini and the brake lines and clutch lines for my Mercedes and they sourced the fittings for my Mercedes for me and they had the mini brake fitting in stock. They might be able to help you out if you knew the sizes of hoses you needed and any special fittings.

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