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Default Retro k series mini

Just putting some feelers out really, possibly looking to sell my project that has been ongoing for about 7 years now. I just don't think I'm going to get round to finishing it any time soon and with nother baby on the way time will be spent doing other things. Thing is I havnt got a scooby what price to put on it.

Following spec

1985 mini city ( origionally)
1800 k series , with ported polished head
Solid Piper cams ( vvc mechanism delete )
Qed ( jenvey) DTH itbs new
Pg1 gearbox with steel caged bearings
Lightend flywheel
Lumenition ECU
Custom manifold ( jek fabrications )
Full respray in new age cream
Removable steel front ( round nose )
Safety devices cage ( harness bar)
Tillet w1 fiberglass seats with back reinforcement
Protech coilovers all round
Rear beam
10" steel wheels ( black ) with new a032 tyres
Allspeed front subframe with home made mounts
Poly windows all round ( MK1 style sliding windows) and new front screen
Trigger handbrake
Omp quick release steering wheel

There probs loads of bits I have missed but hoping to get some decent photos of It this weekend for any one who is interested

What are ya thoughts ?
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I have moved this from the Builds section as it's more suitable in the For Sale.

My thoughts are there are a lot of expensive parts there. Most of which would be a specific market for, especially in a Mini.

My feelings would be to break it and sell parts separately. That way you would get more. The MG has certainly got a good market for performance parts.

Unlikely to value this as a unit as without pictures is impossible to say. Could be 1000, could be 10,000. Look in the Newbie section at the top of home page. It shows how to add pictures.

You also need to state a location which is best clicking the User CP (top left) button and adding it to your profile.
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If you are splitting things, Id be very keen on several items!

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