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Originally Posted by XEValver
this may help with the front end comparison....

awesome looking car, nice'n'sleeper
Cheers .... why didn'I think of that

Yeah the wings were welded on at an angle so front pointed upward despite car having 1.5 inch forward rake - couldn't actually adjust headlights low enough to be legal Matt offered to have a look at it and as far as I'm concerned has made a 1st class job of it - I know he had some problems as the engine and rad sit quite high in the Wastsons frame so had to mod the underside of the bonnet for clearance. Can happily recommend 16vMiniShop for all your 16v Mini needs (no I'm not on commission )

Thanks for the nice comments guys

Next job is to lower the rear a little - and possibly rear ARB - oh and finally fit the inner door window rubber strips keep forgetting to pick up some new clips

Ended up making my own gear lever too as I didn't like reaching down so far (plus I'm fitting harnesses for track day and I had to lean out of seat to get to 1,3 & 5th as lever was close to dash). Didn't take any photos but I basically cut the standard honda lever just abouve the pivot ball and sleeved/welded it to the first 5 inches of a B&M quickshift. Lever is now at right height and comfortably to hand and despite the increase in lever length the throw is still about 15-20% shorter

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