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mini mirror right side by joa kwin, on Flickr

my brother gave me some old mirrors he had laying around, they are stock Harley Davidson motorcycle mirrors
I got some allen head bolts (not pictured) to bolt them to the door skin,
I welded some 1/4 inch nuts to the door skin

I made the base plate out of some aluminum

mirror by joa kwin, on Flickr

dash 3 by joa kwin, on Flickr
working on the dash and del sol switch pod

switch pod 2 by joa kwin, on Flickr

mini on new wheels by joa kwin, on Flickr

had to do some work on the front of the mini, so I had to turn it around
I lifted up the rear of the car 1/2inch since taking this picture

I'm in the process of making a to-do list and everyday I try to knock out 1 or 2 things on it

this weekend the big plan is to work on headlight wiring and turn signals, and the horn, and aux lights

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