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Originally Posted by apbellamy View Post
Coming along nicely

Originally Posted by ardonfast View Post
very nicely, wheels are so nice also thinking about it the wheel choice must be limited somewatt coz the way the front arms come out a fair bit.
the only draw back[as far as i can see anyway] is the big rear spacers
im sure youve looked into this but i feel verry unserten about them.
the others must be verry close so i supose its ok, but keep an eye on them
Thanks for that. I'm not too concerned, as the overall offset is no wider than a sportspack mini. But in any case, I'll be keeping a regular check on the bearings

Originally Posted by Oz View Post
I'm running these. So far the only issue I've had is the screw-in studs coming loose so fit them with thread lock.

If they are a concern to you then speak to MarkD as he makes spacers that fit between the rear drum and the trailing arm so you bolt the wheels up to the brake drum as per normal on a Mini. You'd just need to convert to the 4x3.75 PCD by either redrilling Mini hub/drum (use a non-S drum) or fit Metro hub/drum.
Thanks for that, I'll be sure to loctite mine in then!!

Yeah, have seen mark's kit too. Might be a consideration some time in the future

Originally Posted by theminihut View Post
Fantastic work man!*!*!*
It's so nice to see ur estate rolling now. The fit of the window blanking plates looks great. Could ya let me know who supplied them?
Would love to come and c this build.
Keep it moving.
Kind regards.
Many thanks!

I have to say the fit and quality of the window blanks is pretty poor, and they weren't worth the money I paid for them. It's going to take me a heck of a lot of work to make them good. The guy who makes them is on TMF, and wasn't interested in sorting them out so, I'm a bit reluctant to give him any credit or another sale. There's some pics a few pages back... I'll PM you his TMF username and leave it up to you whether you wish to contact him.

Scotland's a wee bit far for you to nip round for a look at the work in progress, but you'll get to see this finished by IMM 2014 As long as nothing else comes up and consumes my time or money haha!!
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