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Originally Posted by ardonfast View Post
i went through as much as i could boyo, as you say photoFucket doshed the bosh!
i see you went for bike carbs but like most >they just want it to run!
after that your screwed with any easy fiddling,
did you end up at 13.50 cc,? just a qwestion and not a qweery but how come you didnt go to 1.4 ish? or stroked and shorter pistons ect? into 1.6 land?
probably the same as stretching the A to next to useless land and price per bang, when it turns out to bang sooner trhan you thought and yes it dawns on us> did i fooking pay for that, lol,
Pics can still be found here Hello!
lrjonez shared an album with you.

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It needed a rebore so went down the corsa piston route which took it up to 1356cc iirc. Had no intention on going bigger bore etc it's just the way it happened with the corsa pistons
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