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Originally Posted by Artstu View Post
Yes Ljones has his build on here, bike carbs and a simple ignition kit.

K11 shape inspired by the Mini, a K11 is more Mini than a BMW Mini really

It's more a case of the biggest restriction being the manifolds, not the fuel injection. 90 to 95 hp should be possible ]
aint that true about the micra being closer to a mini than the bmw!
i have never driven one so cant say but looking through reports,, thats the worst thing lol
"pregnant whale" made me laff, handeling,micra,
so anyway it has to be in a mini,
seems from pics that the ex many is in smae place as mini? thats a pain but cant have it all ,
and the thing is>as you say>its the manifolds not the fuel injection thats the problem,, just me but if its petrol injected it comes with a whole load of wires and ecu that i cant deal with!! and thats a fess up on hear,
bike carbs are Shit and injection is limated too, just coz the ecu,ect,
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
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