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Originally Posted by ardonfast View Post
i get ya,, i saw the link,, aint that L,JONES or close on hear?
i saw it on my google travels,, and other similar claims,, all good work though!!
lost photos took the sting out of the ring though.
i just feel the nissan 1.3 16v can be tweaked up to the much sort after and older suzy swift motor, that motor is gone now> as a resinable(pick one up cheep and good) slim pickings!!!
so in my opinion the injection is the main restriction on the micra 1.3,
so to run a pair of 40 weber d,c,o,e it needs a spark to plugs fromsome where,
like most of this stuff realy, and your piont about just put petrol in a micra is a good one>it would be easyer, and you know me/it,
but if it aint mini shaped,i aint into it,lol
Yes Ljones has his build on here, bike carbs and a simple ignition kit.

K11 shape inspired by the Mini, a K11 is more Mini than a BMW Mini really

It's more a case of the biggest restriction being the manifolds, not the fuel injection. 90 to 95 hp should be possible from a CG13 with better manifolds and no other changes.

Matt gets some good results from his engines, this a 1348 cc motor

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