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I now know why the RAFMSA forum has been down for a few days. Its so they can get there story straight without anyone knowing what was really said. Also so they can change the forum rules to suit themselves.

I only wish that someone who reads this from The RAFMSA has got the balls to actually publish a trail of the thread that caused this 'mountain out of a mole hill' Anyone care to step up and tell the truth?

My membership to the RAFMSA was cancelled after a post i made on here stating that i was going to cancel it. I didn't once mention on the RAFMSA forum of my intention.

I got this:
Good morning Paul,

The RAFMSA forum is down for maintenance at present while we decide on the way forward for it. Unfortunately if people are unable to follow the forum rules then we need to either change the rules or make it clearer to users what the rules are (the forum rules were set as an announcement). Once this is complete the forum will be made available.

I am confused regarding your membership? You have openly said that you will be cancelling your membership to the RAFMSA so I have saved you the trouble, yet it appears this isnít the case? You have also stated that you will not be attending any Barkston Heath event under the current management (who have managed it since at least 2011), therefore I donít understand what benefit having RAFMSA membership gives other than forum access?

Comp Sec Motor Racing (Sqn Ldr D Berris) has given direction (in the form of a statement, not a prompt for discussion) on the cessation of the RAFMSA Speed Challenge. As he has stated, this decision has not been made lightly. He is focussing his efforts on what the future holds for RAFMSA Motor Racing members. Once future activities are planned out he will release a statement in due course.

Kind Regards


C J Slator
RAFMSA Membership Services Officer

And then tonight i got this:

As an administrator of the RAFMSA forum I have disabled your accounts due to Paragraph 1 of the Forum Rules not being adhered to.

> 1. Forum Usage. Members are encouraged to use this forum for
> the discussion of events (pre or post), ask for help, share discounts
> and generally converse with other RAFMSA members. Threads are to be
> kept on the relevant topic. This forum is NOT to be used for venting
> grievances at other members or Comp Secs.

An announcement was made earlier today my Comp Sec Motor Racing which may be of interest to you:

"As of 12 Aug 14, all remaining events of the RAFMSA Speed Challenge 2014 are cancelled. The RAFMSA wishes to thank all of those who have been a part of the RAFMSA Speed Challenge over the last 11 years. Any questions relating to this notice should be addressed to the Competition Secretary for Motor Racing at

The email account for the coordinator has now been closed.Ē

Kind Regards


C J Slator
RAFMSA Membership Services Officer

I have another email from later today where i felt slightly bullied.

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