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First off, hi and welcome to the forum.

Second, could you fill in a few basic details like your location as this is a world wide forum and your engine choice can be affected where in the world you live.

Third, everyone has their own opinion. But generally you must decided what you want to use the Mini for. You say performance but as the quickest Mini to leave the factory was the very rare ERA turbo with a 1275 A series having 90bhp and almost all of the conversions having much more than that, how much performance do you want? You will struggle to fit most under a standard length front, but is possible with some. Does it need to be road legal?

I am biased towards the Rover K series. If you are in the UK, this is cheap, light and easy to get a donor car or parts. Subframes are ready made by a few companies meaning less fabrication work. Gearboxes suited to small wheels are easily available. It is possible but very tight to get under a removable standard front. This seems the most popular conversion for a UK built car. The amount at shows and events show this.

Both the Honda and Vauxhall are also popular. These are probably best described by someone who understands them better but both are far heavier than the Rover. Subframes are available for these too.

Other engines are also used. Suzuki, Toyota, Nissan etc. These are all light but are not as powerful as the Rover and I don't think subframes are ready made.

Motor bikes engines are great for a track car but not really good for a road car due to the low torque.

As stated, I am biased. This probably stands out but please do some research before making a decision.

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