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well its sunday weather i bananas again rain rain rain whens the sun coming

anyway seeing i can turn her an run electric to my garage now i started to do a bit more

first i tack welded a bar across the door opening to ensure when i remove the complete inner sill the car did not flex out of shape

once this was in i could finish off grinding the last spot welds then start cutting the old sill away from the floor ,seeing i was leaving the centre box section in place i started by only cutting the front 1/2 out

once semi happy with that i started on the rear 1/2 leaving the bit of inner sill still attached to the centre box section

as u can see above the heel board def needs repairing

once front and rear bits of sill where out i got the air chisel on the centre box to remove the remaining sill from on that, which then left me with this

next i got the new inner sill and tried to see how good a fit it was ,had no chance till i removed some patching plates that where in the drives foot well as could not get right into the corner plus with the heel board like that i had no chance ,so had to take a hour or so fitting the heelboard replacement panel (then refit the rear beam to ensure it was correct )

once the above where completed i got the sill and slid it in place

clamped it all up around the door step ready to plug weld it there

as u can see it fits nicely and its clamped up ready for me to weld it in tom night when home from work,i will post again tom hopefully it will weld up nicely with no warping lol ( bit at a time ,changing ends)
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