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I got the same problem, just a bit smaller alex, Found the usual rust under the scuttle pannel

The engine im useing it actually an ex banger engine so it has a standard vauxhall carb on it already. Which due to my insurance situation, is the best thing i can go for at the moment.

The problem i have is the engine i fit isn't allowed to produce more than the standard factory figures, now i know that testing this would prove difficult as each RR reads differently. But i don't want to be in a situation where the insurance company say, sorry mate, its obvious this car produces more than 110BHP. Hence the standard vauxhall carb and manifold. To be honest it probably will produce a bit more than standard, but not allot.

Bike carbs are real tempting though

I am trying to get away with doing the conversion without any 'welded modifications' to the bulk head. IE, only bulk head repairs will be welded, and holes drilled. which is why i have gone for the cable linkage.

Just ordered a set of these (in black, it disperses heat faster :P ):

7.5's as i am running 10inch wheels
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