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Default Becoming a Club Member

Being a member of any club is all about give and take, and this one is no different.

To gain the status of Club Member requires just a little work on your part.

Introduce yourself a bit so people can get to know you and your Hybrid mini, and any plans you have for it.

Start a build diary (this has now been opened up to all) including pictures of your Hybrid mini build. Preferably not blurry camera phone images that are hard to make out as we all like a good picture

Once you have been around for a while and got to know the other forum members then your status will most likely magically change, if not give any member of the moderator/admin team a nudge.

Oh and just to let you know, being a club member does not get you a T shirt, a membership card, or a gold plated driving license holder, just the ability to create a gallery of pictures, and a chance for a place on the club stand at any of the events we attend.
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