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Apologies for the lack of updates! Has it really been this long?

Everything is now finished apart from the wiring and bleeding of the brakes.

The car is now running too !! ,

However, upon inspecting the old mini wiring loom closely it would appear that the loom is knackered. A lot of the insulation on the wires is cracked and there appear to be lots of dodgy crimp connectors used at randon throughout the loom.

As im a complete noob when it comes to auto electrics ive decided to recruit the services of my cousin who will (fingers crossed) qualify as an autoelectrician sometime soon.

In order to set us off on the correct path ive decided to buy one of these:-

Because the old loom is goosed, we've taken the decision to make a complete new one for the front of the car, so its solder-tastic at the moment!

Hopefully the wiring should be complete within the next month so i will post a few pics when its all finished. To the untrained eye it looks like the car hasnt progressed but i know different, ive got the frost bite to prove it.

Ive ordered a propane space heater today, being a fisherman im normally fairly hardy but yesterday was bitterly cold out there. A garage heater is a must now that im getting old

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