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Thanks keith, its a option, rorenpier) thats a grate place, and there well at it, big respect to them!
I cant help but think ther may only be 1 way to get something going hear,
Seems that if ther was 4 or 5 eqwaly spaced out in a 9 month(aprox) period,
This would mean several diferant tracks, like 16v on tour series,lol
Only in my head tho chaps,
Again only in my head is that the chances of i true home bass,so to speek seems unlikely,
Colboura seems the faverat in truth, aint herd from taff geof yet, but i no he likes it,
I make it 10 poss of us, im sure thers many other known asosiosiats from the last venue,
I make that a poss 20) and for all we no they may already be useing colbougra!
Note) its to easy to speculate,, i hope!
Must be some more 16vmini members hear looking at this that there seasaw aint qwite
Tiped up in this direction yet,, lets hope some may feel encuragaged inuff to shout out
And take the plunge,
Thers a golden goose somewer just about to drop that golden egg,
Come on golden goose were are you,
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
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