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Default Mk2 Escort

Got a set of zx6r bike carbs with manifold to go on. Need to sort some vacuum fittings for it for the dizzy though...

Fitted the alloy rad and Davies Craig fan. Also found out why it had overheated on the way home. The water pump was chocka full of limescale so not much pumping going on...

Carbs just squeeze in but not much room for filters. Also sorted the wiring for the fan and for the bike fuel pump which I've mounted on the rear chassis rail...

Took the fuel tank out as there was some rot in the well...

Welded and kurust applied...

Seam sealed and painted. I've since sprayed loads of Dinitrol in here to keep it safe...

Wired the headlights in too and fitted some smd sidelights. They're almost as bright as the headlights!

That's all for now I think...
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