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My thoughts on the matter of engine choice.

1) Go for an EU3 engine. These are newer and comply with the odb2 standard. This means you can buy a cheap elm 327 type device and fault find the ecu yourself.

2) Do not de-ativate the 5as imobilisor. It is there for a reason and is very good at what it does. The electrics to get it working are not hard. Wiring diagrams are freely available on the internet or get hold of a RAVE CD.

3) With the right hardware the Eu3 ECU's can be remapped to allow for some tuning mods to be propperly rolling roaded!

4) EU3 engines are generally found in the following: MGZR, MGZS, MGTF, Rover 25 and Rover 45. To be fully odb2 complient ensure the car is Newer then 2001 as some might not work on the elm devices if they are older then this!

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