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So I finally got around to scanning in the rest of the pictures, unfortunately I don't get a lot of spare time, as when the weathers good I'm out in the garden finishing off the landscaping, I'll be glad when this is finished.

The tunnel and box section was strengthened, this was April 1992. Just noticed in this picture all the spot welds was beefed up, seem to remember this was to strengthen the shell - you can see it up the B post.

C posts strengthened with an inner skin.

May 1992, template for cutting out rear arches. In the foreground is the MG I was renovating at the time for my employer.

N/S/R arch cut out and plated

My brother working on the O/S/R arch

O/S/R wheel tub completed

N/S/R wheel tub prior to painting

Sitting low - no front suspension

My brother cleaning up the front bulkhead - yes he is using an oxy-acetylene torch, probably to help clean off the underseal.

Gear stick and linkage installed

Cleaning underneath

Rear subframe, engine and suspension

June 1992

I didn't think that the front shock mount, or more to the point the four little bolts would handle the suspension loads, so I made some top mounts. Nowadays I see lots of Mini's with front coil overs, and considering there is less weight in the front of mine it would have been fine.

Front subframe all cleaned, painted and built up with overhauled disc brakes.

It was shortly after this picture was taken that the company closed down, and I went to work elsewhere. So my weekends of working on the Mini in a nice workshop came to an end.

I still regularly worked on the car (it was stored in a local compound on it's trailer), can't remember where I worked on it, it may have been at home, it may have been in the yard or at the garage next door to my old employer. My notes show that between July 92 and August 93 I regularly done jobs on it, fitting the front suspension, making up water pipes and getting the engine running. The last note is for 15 August 93, shortened one driveshaft.

The upper one is the original Lancia Beta shaft, the lower one is the shortened prototype shaft.

Not sure if I shortened both, but the prototype was sent off to Jack Knight (Developments) who then made up two brand new shafts for the sum of 366 in December 93, a lot of money for me back then.

And the Mini finally drove under it's own power

That's pretty much how it is today, I may have other pictures, I have loads in envelopes that never got put in albums.

I'll leave it there for this update.

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