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Back at the beginning of June I sent off my V5 log book for the Mini for a change of address, sometime back in the 90's I'd also written the new engine CC and number on there. I expected to be in trouble for not changing it sooner.

Then mid June I received a letter asking me to supply photos of the car, it's number plates and VIN/chassis number. It seems during the rebuild or the intervening years I've misplaced the VIN plate and chassis number plate. So I was told to send photo's of what I had and an explanation of why I didn't have the VIN and chassis plate which I did.

Eight weeks later I receive another letter, stating they've found a discrepancy (doesn't mention what it is though), and again asking for pictures of the VIN and chassis number, and also that I complete a 'Built up vehicle report"

So I think the discrepancy mentioned above is that the CC is now 1995 and a non Mini related engine number was on the back of the V5.

So a little more research and it turns out there is a point scoring system which you need to score 8 points on to retain the number plate, I scored 2. Also scoring less than 8 means it will need an IVA test.

Oh I do miss the good old days
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