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Another Update...

Working hard on the Blue One - Hungary IMM2012 is looming ever closer!!!

The subframe it came with was badly engineered; No box sections, no triangulation... No confidence in it. Acquired an Allspeed fabrication and a 'spare' shell to use for dry-fit etc. while the repaired body (Welding by Andy Butcher), currently close to completion for Paint, is progressed elsewhere.

We have the unit sat in the Allspeed subframe in the spare 'shell so close to sorting out the fit

Looking through the various builds to try and work out why it is sitting a bit high so we can ease it into a sensible/recognisable position in the engine bay on the weekend.

The Inlet Manifold is fouling on the bulkhead (standard)

I remember reading the Mk1 Inlet Manifold is a better fit (?). I have a spare and it is in to be shortened by 25mm (Thanks Rob Walker). I won't mind a little local reshaping of the bulkhead on the Blue One but would like to solve the problem before pitching into the conversion of the Green One (MK 1) as we don't want to compromise the original shell if possible.

Comments on the above issues would be very welcome at the moment... every weekend and evening counts.

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Cheers All

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