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Engine in!
Very tight fit as you guys problably already know. How much clearance do you have against the upper suspension nut? And how much clearance to the oil pan on the right side of the car against the subframe?
Do you put the engine to the right side of the car to make more clearance?

Also had to modify the brake pedal because of the bulkhead box interfering physically with the pedal arm, according to pictures. I will be running std pedalbox with front/rear split cylinder and a wilwood brake proportioning valve for the rears.

Anyways, right now i am sorting the shifter linkage, i've modified the arm from the tigra to be a better fit, as well as to get a shorter "quickshift" function. It is in progress on the pictures.
I will also be putting the shifter a bit more to the back than standard position to, which also means i have to move the parkingbrake lever a bit for clearance.

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