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Starter motor is controlled by the yellow 'main relay' in the mems3 fuse box. That is controlled by the Ecu after it is unlocked via the 5as. There are lots of diagrams online of which relays are which in the fuse box but not any of the pin outs on the fuse box. Might be because cateram used their own fuse box design?

If I remember right most the plugs that go in the bottom of the mems3 fuse box are full size spade with about 3 pins each, these are power outputs for stuff like lights and abs. I just started pulling fuses and worked out what was what with the multimeter. There is a multiplug that goes in the bottom of the mems3 box that's about 12 smaller pins, that would be the one you need to get it running, wire colours should be traceable from it.

Gazwad would be able to help you further with that one. Grey plug to car body is 9 pin, only about 4 of them are needed to run, they should be on the diagram.
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