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Decided to go back to the doors later, I have a few ideas on how to get the shut lines good, its not going to be perfect but it will look decent in the end.

Spent some time complete up the firewall, finished off the recess for the inlet manifold.

Looks a bit rough still from the engine side but I plan to linish up once the engine comes back out, as access is tight and ive already been bitten by the angle grinder so lesson learnt.

The reason why you should'nt wear gloves.

Decided to ditch the mini heater mainly due to the fact they are usless, so went for a light weight one, really happy with the quality, the unit has 4 outlets on the side, 2 will be used to heat the footwell, im stil not decided on the other 2, i will pipe these either to cabin vents mounted in the dash or to the windsreen, i have a heated windscreen hence me not needing to use the screen vents. I am going to use the original mini heat controls, so the on/off button, the diverter slider I will connet to a heater valve to control the temperture. I really want to keep as much orignal looking as possible.

Got my rear mount alternator bracket from Kieran fitted, will need to chop our some more of the inner wing to make the alternator fit, but happy with how its going to work.

Going to attempt my power steering this weekend, so first job it to get the seat sat in a good position. I orignally was going to install some old school Recaros but after pondering about it i decided to look for an alternative as my back is too wide for the Recaros so I just wont be comfortable in them.

After hours and hours of looking at various options I have gone for Subaru Blobeye seats from a 03 Impreza got the pair in good condition for 80, I do prefer the Bobeye's but they will be too wide for the Mini. I went for these seats as the are well built, they are heated and i now plan to install harnesses so the harness slot is ideal.

One in the drivers seat sat way too high as expected, so I stripped the seat down and started making mods to the seat bases.

The seat was high adjustable which i wanted to keep, however I was never going to be able to get in to sit low enough, so out it came.

I trimmed the base back as much as I could without taking all the strength out, I will weld in some corner supports for strength and also mount the runners to them, this will lowever the seat 75mm from its original height.

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