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o sHit ladd!! its good you made your mind up, engine in back of mini is dodgy anyway,
i was happy you where haveing a crack at something diferant anyway,
un factory turdo is also a bit risky too, so all in all its right for you, also the new rules ect,
they can get through ok but i know your not feeling good about the future, so again correct for you,
is there a chance you could keep engine in frame and put back in so it runs then sell to a new buyer with new enthusiasem, get wire brush out and give it some wd40 as best you can, it will be much more atractive running in mini, non runners or ruff shells are poor money, but semi up together projects are more atractive,
and sounds like your putting the frame back in anyway so your better off with engine left in and the mess/work you will cost yourself, one thing> at least you have the nuts to give up now, we all make mistakes >my mini has allways felt like a mistake,
if i had phenix sat on my drive i too would bin mine,
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"

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