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So after much debating I have to accept the fact this is going no further. I had the 120 engine on eBay and I have got someone interested. I needed to remove this from the frame. Every bolt is either seized or rounded off. The amount of bodges is unreal.

Had a chat with Chris about putting the bodywork and subframe right and even he agrees it's a lot of work. Considering it's still going to need a lot more investment than I am prepared to spend as the saying goes, "I'm out"!

So what is the plan. I think I'm going to put the empty subframe back in the shell and get it rolling again. Unless someone on here is actually interested given the work needed, it will go on eBay as a rolling shell.

The rest of the parts will sell for market value and hoping to get back some cash that way. Unfortunately I know I'm going to loose a massive amount.

If anyone is interested in anything, please PM me so we don't just fill up the build with offers.
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