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Thought I should update this, been a little while..

I've decided for now to leave the forced induction alone and build a strong n/a engine. Need to gather some info on building a nice one as I can't find any info anywhere on what to put in one to make it go well.. And the people I pm'd on redline gti won't reply..

Anyway Ive gone down the bike carb route which makes things simpler (for me) so I bought some r1 carbies, and made a manifold

Added some ram tubes purely because they look awesome

Also mounted a radiator (mpi mini) and made some hoses

Mounts.. Simple but they work

There's also a mount at the top but havnt got a good photo of it..

Finally I've made an exhaust as I didn't like the look of the standard one..

Got some lower control arms and tie rods too!

All together..

So that's how it looks at the moment, pedal box mount to be made and a couple of little bits and the mock up will be complete.. Then it's time to build an engine!
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