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Quick update I have been waiting for some uprated steel cage bearings for my gearbox and new seals so I could fit my torsen diff, anyway then turned up just after dinner today so off to the man cave I went. Out came the old seals and input shaft bearing in went the new ones with a little persuasion from a boiling kettle and a big hammer, no major issues until I realised that the 5 gear syncro came adrift when putting the gear kit and selectors back in a kwik check on the rave cd to see which way things went back and it all went fine from there. The casing just dropped into position, I took it back off applied some well's seal to the casing's and refitted it and bolted it all together, checked I could get all the gears and it was then put in a safe place until it's needed.

Did a little bit more this evening and fitted a new hand brake cable and adjusted the rear brakes up so I now have a working hand brake, still ages away from getting it running or even driving! but at least I have a hand brake that works
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