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Went to finish plumbing in the rad and a piece of the old rear rad pipe broke off

Will plumb it back in with aluminium and stainless tube, and silicone bends.

Had to take the inlet off to get access to it, which was held on with these “bolts”

Some of the brake lines needed replacing anyway, and most were not pretty

Whilst the inlet was off, thought it would be a good chance to get the bulkhead all sprayed up and tidy the wiring, the first step, pull all the spaghetti the though the bulkhead

After bare metaling the bulkhead, stone chipping and painting it looks like the pics below.
Also split the loom in two so the majority can run behind the dash, It can now exit the bulkhead on both sides tidying up the engine bay. Is all wrapped in tesa loom tape which I highly recommend.
sorted all the dodgey wiring, extended some, chopped out some and some had to be replaced.
The new brake lines and clutch lines are also mostly run, the orange clutch hose is for a BMW Z3.

Also touched up the engine paint.

Next step is to fix the alternator bracket as the current one sits a little crooked.
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