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Originally Posted by benh View Post
I was saying to Matt that i only have a 19ltr fuel tank and im on bike carbs so do they have a few petrol stations on the ring! Im gonna sell that one and fit a newun, Otherwise il spend the trip plugged into a petrol station.
With a 1275 and a stage three kit and a standard mini tank (7.5 gallons??) I brimmed it at dover and that got me to belgium, brimmed it again and that got me to the 'ring

This was a solo trip I done so no convoy, nailed it pretty much all the way doing 80 to three figures constant between stops (think it was kmh officer honestly ) watching petrol needle moving kinda stuff driving......

Point is there was more than enough pit stops available along the way and out there to get you out of trouble, so my science theory is if you nail it you use more fuel

But, as I found out last time with the 1.6, science albeit expensive can be fun aswell on the motorways, especially when your mini has a roof rack and your making range rovers move over! pmsl
My mini has got nothing to prove so nothing to lose
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