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large scale boiling is avoided with the removal of the "jiggle valve" in the inlet, aloowing a constant coolant flow, go a stage further as I did and add vent pipes to all bleed points jointing at the top of the header tank, result is even if local boiling occurs (or a mild head gasket breach as I would experience fairly often when testing and tuning) the cooling system remains all liquid in the head and radiator. This modification allowed the car to be driven with head gasket failure and no overheating, just topping up the coolant regularly.

50% OAT is good for 130 degrees C boiling point As I recall,
Water under 14psi has a boiling point of 120 degrees C

I would asume water and OAT under pressure to be above 130degC
If you run your cooling system at 95 ish degrees, thats a fair bit of headroom.

However, REALLY really keen to hear your results as I have personally never tried waterless coolant.
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