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Heres some info that may explain it.
I know my car is 839 Kg (Driver + full Fuel) and can achieve a 7.21Ms^2 deceleration rate as tested on a brake dyno 3 months ago.
So I borrowed this equation from Wiki: I use a different one but the result is very similar.
a = deceleration rate m/s^2 (7.21Ms^2)
G = Gravity (9.81 m/s^2)
h= center of gravity above ground level (0.5 M)
W= Weight of Car. (839 kg)
B = Wheelbase (2.03 M)
Weight f = The change of weight over the front axles during braking at 7.21
= a/G * (h/B)* W
So I will use my numbers as an example.
Wf = (7.21/9.81) * (0.5/2.03)* 839
Wf = (0.7349) * (0.2463)*839
Wf = 0.7349 * (206.6)
Wf= 153 KG Increase in weight over the front wheels while braking at my maximum decal rate.
This means a decrease of theweight over the rear tires.
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