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Originally Posted by Oz View Post
I would suspect you should also have the lock tab on it as per the normal Mini timing chain pulley. Also if you've done this up before putting the belt on will the belt actually go on ? Again, wit the original chain you need to put the chain on the top and bottom pulleys and then put both pulleys and the chain on to the engine as one piece. You then lock the crank and then torque up the two pulley nuts.

Check torque settings with SC else use the Mini settings from the Haynes manual
SC said it doesn't need to be hugely tightened since the pulley spins in the direction of the engine. I have added some loctite and I am confident it is tight enough.

So I offered up my old alternator tonight and while there is a chance it will fit, it doesn't look great. A new small Denso Nippon alternator ordered.

Other than that I have bolted on the new clutch slave:

Seems the water pump pulley will rub on the oil hose (which runs from the block to the head), Is there smaller diameter pulley in the market?

Plans for tomorrow are to install the MPI fuel pump into my SPI tank.
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