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Default Mindy going 16v

Right taken the plung. Bit of history first, had my mini "Mindy" since I was 16, it was my brothers before mini. I've had it 12 years now and will never sell it, people always seem to regret selling their first car so I'm not going to make that mistake. However it's evolved a hell of a lot of the years. Been though all the normal mods, stage 1 kits on the 998 engine, then a 1340 went it that blew up, then a 1380 was built.
Reshelled the car with a heritage body shell about 7 years going and it was retired from daily use roughly 5 years ago. Now winters in the garage and comes out for fun in the summer. Last year I found I had low oil pressure so I stripped it down and found the nail in the coffin, block is cracked so I looked at my options and decided to go down the suzuki conversion route.

So I found a guy selling a 1ltr swift and a gti engine.

Pulled the swift apart

Got the engine

So the plan is to run it on bike carbs and megajolts

Made a start on the gearbox conversion to hydraulic clutch, still deciding how to mod the arm.

Hoping to order the allspeed subframe and drive shaft begining of feb so while I wait to get paid I'm just going to spend time getting the engine ready to fit in the frame. Going to strip the sub frame off the mini soon. Planning to use the rubber donuts and the gaz shocks which are already on the car.

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