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Originally Posted by robert_paull View Post
How big is the 2.8 vr6 lump compared to the 1.8? And how much work extra would it be to add the 4x4 system?
Considering this thread is from 2012 you are unlikely to get a reply. I assume this project was never finished.

My answer to the question would be 'a lot'. Fitting any none a series engine into a mini is a lot of work. There are off the shelf kits for a few engines but even these take considerable work.

No-one makes a kit for any VAG stuff so you would have to custom build everything.

If you haven't seen it take a look at project Binky on YouTube. It will give you some idea of the work involved in fitting a custom engine and 4wd system in a mini.

The few that have done on it on here have often used the floor pan and running gear from another car, shortened it and then fitted the mini shell over the top (see Hayling Mini's builds). Even the MiniTec Honda kit requires the floor to be cut and modified.
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