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Andy wrote the following in another post and it was commented on that it should be in a sticky so i've copied it here for info, Cheers Andy.

6 point cage minimum spec is made of cds tube - no need for fia, but certified item is good (Safety devices, omp, fabricage etc)

Each location point for the cage needs 3mm thick plate welded into the shell then feet of cage bolt through.

2 litre hand held extinguisher ....... aim for MSA approved so you have the correct contents.

If the fill point of the fuel tank is inside the boot then you need a spill neck at the fill point & a take off pipe for a drain to the floor. Mini tank is fine though cos the fill point is on the outside.

You will need non-return on tank breather (in case you end up upside down)

Fireproofing bulkheads mean 'block up all holes & gaps' no rules on this so you can use tape, bodge, weld, etc.

If you run fuel lines in the car then they cannot be jointed inside with jublee clips. Gotta be fancy joints (eg JIC) or no joints.

+ve on battery needs to be coloured red.

-ve on batter needs to be coloured yellow.

If you don't have a normal Mini ignition key arrangement then you'll need a kill switch within reach of the driver. By now you probably need kill switch on window scuttle too (for marshalls to kill your fuel pump & engine)

Bucket seat should be MSA approved (I think) but deffo high back & rigid fixed (no sliders)

Timing beam splitter at front.

Front tow eye clearly marked & painted (yellow/ orange)

Tyres cannot protrude beyond arches.

................ anymore for anymore ???????????????

ah yes , no 'wet' battery in drivers compartment.

4 Point MSA harness with 3 inch shoulder & 2 inch waist straps. It's possible that libra class needs crotch harness too this year, I fitted one for scuteneering but haven't used it.

Overalls, Helmet, boots, gloves all need to follow strict regs & these are changing for 2010 so don't copy an earlier blue book.

Rollcage padding required ........ don't be tight & buy pipe lagging as it'll not protect your expensive helmet.

Oil catch tank is required with 1 litre capacity (I think). You need a scrut up on his rules for this one cos I ran all of last year without one & tossed oil all over the place at Olivers Mt.
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