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Default Getting back in to it

Right, after a quite a long break i need to get back in to sorting my car.

Its sat for probable best part of 2/3 years now due to one thing or another but its sat in the new garage for a few months and i need to crack on with it.

Problem is i can't really remember why i did everything i was doing, but what i do remember is the brakes are rubbish. I have the mini sport 4 pot ally calipers and the allspeed internal pedal box. I've never been happy with the pedal box and now i have the shorten injection manifold running on the engine i'm wondering if i can go back to the original pedal box and a yellow tag master cylinder but.... will the clutch master fit?

Next issue is when i tried to start it about a year ago, the fuel pump dumped all the fuel on the floor.... so got a major fuel leak to find and probably remake the fuel lines.

Also have a dodgy connection on a relay which controls the power to the fuel injectors or the coil pack... i can't remember... but i know its a problem either way. So at a minimum need to repair the connection or replace the relay box and make good. Wiring has always been the cars weak point, with so many changes over the years from stock to all diffrent forms of ignition system to the suzuki engine and all sort. its bit of a mess. I keep getting tempted to replace the complete loom with one of the kit car universal ones and start a fresh but its not cheap.

please kick me in the peach if i don't keep posting as it means i've been slacking off again.

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