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Looks a good donor! Most cars that have been stood for years get all brakes, suspension etc seized up so not surprised at what you have posted. The interior still looks good too. I had a MG TF for 18 months and as it wasn't being used just grew moss for fun.

The issue with the immobiliser. Can you post s photo of the fob? If it's black and grey then it's a Pektron type and known to be more problematic than the earlier Lucas (all black) one due to the Pektron having relays on a circuit board. The Lucas has relays which can just be unplugged and swapped.

If it is a Pektron type then you are best off contacting this guy.

The service isn't too expensive and is very specialised so personally would go here before taking it to someone who doesn't understand them.

The next issue will be, once it works would you fit it into a Mini? The answer is no. I would swap the body loom and ECU set from a Lucas based car. The Pektron is overly complicated and unreliable. Parts are double the price too due to good sets being a premium.
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