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Originally Posted by bill2b View Post
Names of attendees please, nothing else

1. Paul Waterhouse (Both Days)
2. Phil Smurf (Both Days)
3 Steve smurf (Both days)
4. Hayling Mini (Both Days)
5. Andy Slowdown (?)
6. Shaun Ardon (both days)
7. Keith thorneburn (Sunday)
8. Richard Cole (both days)
9. Big Jim (Both Days)

Regs and entry forms sent out this evening, not really my job, like track day reports but hey ho that's the kind of guy I am.
Anyway if anyone does not get said regs etc. you cannot be on my list so please pm me with your email addy and I will forward it on (even though its not my job) mind you certain people might get missed out, depends what sort of mood I'm in.
Please note the regs do not allow highly flammable fleece jackets as a fire retardant clothing, just thought I might mention that in case somebody thinks otherwise, I know, I know nobody would be that stupid.

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