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good about the wheels,
yes it would be a worie, the old gearing chestnut,
i would fit as big tyre as i could, thers been chat recently about big gap into 5th,
i think if 1st is useless you cant afford to have 5th miles away, even more so if 2nd is a crawler gear! if 2nd replaces 1st(lets say) it just leaves 3rd and 4th> then your into no direct 5th with a big gap, not fact!!! but it dont make me feel good,
again whats it used for?
i can say that any mini that will do 110 mph TOPS, qwickly will be usefull,
you can gear it to do 150 but you wont live with it and if you do please make a film lol,
i dont know wher my gearing is going to be but i have exsepted that rather than fiddle with it now im going to drive it first then act if its to bad,
"yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
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