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I haven't forgotten about this but have to admit, it's taken a sideline again.

I changed my plan for the gearbox. Having seen the huge torque figures produced by the turbo engine I realised that it doesn't need to be as low geared as a VVC. I opted to get the C6 ratios. Being me chose to get the U spec version as is meant to be stronger internally. Then the fact I have had experience of the diff bearings collapsing, thought the steel caged versions were a good upgrade.

In order to use this setup means using a ZS 180 box but swapping the bellhousing over for the K4 engine.

After a lot of debate, I have chosen to keep the open diff. I hope the car will lift at the front when accelerating and push down the rear and so not be an issue. I am using 195 wide tyres so there will be quite a lot of grip from them!

I am currently stripping the rear suspension. The amount of seized items is very frustrating. Every job just takes hours to complete.

A trip to Mini Sport proved quite worth while. Managed to get a full set of Spax Krypton adjustable shock absorbers that were second hand but never been on the road for 80.

Also a pair of brand new bumpers with a tiny mark on each for 20 due to the damage.
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